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Maximum Thrust 2003 Movie Mega

Maximum Thrust 2003 Movie Mega

Maximum Thrust is a 2003 American drama and action movie directed by Paul Miller and starring Beverly Lynne, Aaron Brumfield, and Darron Johnson. The movie follows the story of a down and out all-girl race team, Maximum Thrust, who hires a sexy newbie street racer, Bekka, in hopes of saving a failing business and salvaging street creds and respect. The action is fast and furious on and off the track when Bekka is seduced by a rival racer, Junior Sloan, who intends on destroying Maximum Thrust, even if it means killing the driver.

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The movie was released in Japan on December 26, 2003, and has a runtime of 90 minutes. It was produced by Indigo Entertainment, a company known for making low-budget erotic movies. The movie has a rating of 2.9 out of 10 on IMDb and 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating that it was poorly received by critics and audiences alike. The movie has been described as "a cheap knock-off of The Fast and the Furious" and "a waste of time and money". The movie features several scenes of nudity and sexual content, as well as car chases and crashes.

Despite its negative reviews, the movie has gained a cult following among some fans of erotic movies and car racing. Some viewers have praised the movie for its "hot babes", "cool cars", and "cheesy dialogue". The movie has also been parodied in several YouTube videos and memes. The movie is available to watch online for free on some streaming platforms, such as [123Movies] and [Trakt]. However, viewers are advised to be cautious of malware and viruses that may infect their devices from these sites.

Maximum Thrust is a movie that may appeal to some viewers who enjoy low-budget erotic movies and car racing. However, most viewers will likely find the movie to be boring, poorly made, and unrealistic. The movie does not offer much in terms of plot, character development, or action. The movie is best watched with low expectations and a sense of humor.


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