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Babel Finance Reaches Agreement On Modalities F... !!TOP!!

Obviously, based on the past experience of major water conflicts in the region, one is right in concluding that the conflicts are more likely to revolve around the perceived impacts of infrastructure development on the flows of the Indus river. However, the case of Baglihar on Chenab river offers a different insight into the conflict-resolution mechanism. The hydropower project earned its legality through third-party mediation after Pakistan lodged a formal complaint against it, stating it to be a violation of treaty. However, during low flow season, the upstream riparian was consistently blamed for altering the natural flows of the Chenab river. The most daunting interpretation this project offers about IWT, besides offering a detail mechanism to address the complaints of respective riparian related to the development of hydraulic infrastructure, is its ill-preparedness to take up the climate change challenges. Moreover, the regional trend of increasing population resulting in more demand for electricity is expected to exponentialize the construction of hydropower projects on the upstream reaches of the Indus. In fact, according to an article published in Reuters the Indian government is already planning to construct more hydropower project on Pakistani rivers.67 The construction is expected to fuel the tensions between the riparian. Therefore, the mutual trust is the key to quantify the impacts of climate change on water resources and seize the trans-regional threats. To overcome the mutual distrust, the forum offers interaction between riparian, at three different levels, to examine a conflict based on the analyses of the experts from the both sides concluded from transparent and comprehensive data. However, the addressal of population-related issues require actions which will involve revisiting the socio-cultural modalities through basic education at the grass root level. Such discussions go beyond the scope of our paper. However, we expect that under increasing pressure of growing population on water resources, the region will eventually broaden the scope of treaty in the long run.

Babel Finance Reaches Agreement on Modalities f...

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