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Buy Headstones Online [EXCLUSIVE]

Why choose to buy a headstone online compared to an in-person supplier? There are likely many places in your town that supply headstones and might even create them on property. In addition, your cemetery usually partners with a local headstone maker to ensure you find what you need.

buy headstones online


Remember that online shopping means extra fees. You might need to account for shipping costs, and these can be steep for larger markers. Include extra fees and shipping costs in your overall budget so there are no surprises.

With a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, they customize each of their headstones to ensure each individual receives the memorial they deserve. Their easy-to-use online designer makes it simple to personalize your selection.

In most cases, we provide one gravesite and a single headstone for all eligible family members. But if 2 Veterans are married and we receive a request for separate gravesites and headstones, we can provide side-by-side gravesites with separate headstones.

With all of the advances in technology, consumers today have much more information regarding potential purchases than ever before. While the monument business may be outdated, the internet has created opportunities for families in need to save money by purchasing memorials online.

Most larger, corporate owned cemeteries sell memorials directly, which is very convenient for families who want to take care of all of the memorial arrangements at one place. That being said, families will typically pay a significant premium to buy directly from the cemetery. That reality has led many to search for online vendors to supply the memorials, but the process can be very misleading. For starters, the first rule of purchasing a memorial is knowing what type of memorial your cemetery will allow. Many online vendors will simply let you add an item to a cart and purchase it, without ever confirming the rules and regulations of the receiving cemetery. This of course can lead to wasted money, time, and frustration.

Secondly, most online monument companies will boast prices seemingly 75% less than what your cemetery may be offering, which can be very misleading. Most prices are not inclusive of all pieces required for cemetery installation, any cemetery fees related to installation, actual physical foundation setting, and monument installation on site. There may also be delivery fees tacked onto the memorial price you see online. That means that even if you purchase online for seemingly very inexpensive, you will have to arrange for delivery, completion of memorial, foundation, installation, and fee payments. This usually adds up to a lot more money than what was originally advertised.

Lastly, it is very difficult to make decisions regarding an everlasting memorial for a loved one, without ever seeing a physical display of the materials and craftsmanship. Typically online monument companies will ship nationwide, but will not have a showroom or samples anywhere near your local area.

C) The local monument company will have one or multiple showrooms in your area, which can enable the consumer to not only see the materials first hand, but to speak to an actual memorial expert face to face. Designing a memorial is much more productive of a process in person, than over an online submission form.

Purchasing memorial headstones online has grown due to their lower price points. But, are you really saving? Traditionally when you purchase locally, you will get one price that will include everything, which makes it seem higher. Purchasing online might save you on the stone itself, but once you consider the shipping, installation, and other fees, you might not save any at all. Aside from cost, cemetery guidelines and regulations can be overwhelming when navigating them without experienced help.

In most cases, purchasing headstones locally will be a better experience. You will have the service and support you are needing at an already hard time. There will be an experienced and caring team of people who love what they do, and will be able to help you create the perfect memorial headstone from start to finish. There is a lot of work that goes on behind those beautiful headstones you see in the cemetery. Checking into cemetery guidelines can be confusing, and installation can be costly. Most reputable monument providers will take of those things and it will be a comfort to you knowing if any mistakes are made, you are not responsible. Here at Delphos Granite Works, we have served families just like your yours for over four generations. We work hard to create headstones with quality etched into ever piece. Find a dealer near you!

Delphos Granite Works is the largest monument company in northwest Ohio with 35 locations and representatives to serve you. We offer cemetery headstone, gravestones, headstones, monuments, and many other granite products.

Flat markers in granite, marble, and bronze and upright headstones in granite and marble are available. Bronze niche markers are also available to mark columbaria used for inurnment of cremated remains. The style chosen must be permitted by the officials in charge of the private cemetery where it will be placed.

To obtain the status of headstones or markers ordered for private cemeteries, please use the following instructions: If more than 30 days have passed since your claim was submitted to the VA in Washington, D.C. by you, or someone assisting you, please call our Applicant Assistance Unit to verify we are in receipt of your claim.

Memorial headstones and markers, for individuals or groups, are furnished for eligible deceased active duty service members and Veterans whose remains are not recovered or identified, are buried at sea, donated to science or whose cremated remains have been scattered.

Memorial headstones and markers may also be furnished in national, military post/base or state Veterans cemeteries to eligible spouses whose remains are unavailable for interment, whether or not they predecease the eligible Veteran.

History from Headstones Online is project devised and implemented by the Ulster Historical Foundation, the aim of which is to encourage people to take an interest in the graveyards of Northern Ireland and to provide an online resource for those searching for their ancestors. A major component was the development of learning packages specifically aimed towards adult education. The project also provided the opportunity to train people in research skills. The project was funded through the New Opportunities Fund.

In ideal cases, this stage is completed beforehand because the deceased has already arranged for their headstone or grave marker to be installed. Many people across the United States still have practiced the tradition of installing headstones and flat grave markers well before their death and simply leaving instructions that their date of death be added to the grave marker after their passing.

Often, we hear families are hesitant to look into purchasing cemetery headstones or memorial grave markers online, because they are not sure of the ordering process, and are concerned that they will run into issues with the cemetery.

Most headstones in our modern society are installed in commercial cemeteries run by companies that profit from burial and funeral services. So that is where we begin this look into how to install a headstone.

The first thing to know is that nearly every commercial cemetery in the United States today will not allow families to install headstones themselves. This may be confusing to some who assume that, once a family buys a plot of land in a cemetery, the family is free to do anything they wish.

Yes, you can install a headstone yourself but many cemeteries either require that you allow them to do it or hire a professional. Some cemeteries allow people do it themselves. All you need is a few basic tools and some knowledge of how to do it. For more information, check out one of the many videos or articles on the subject that are available online.

Purchasing a bronze on granite headstone online can certainly seem like a daunting task, but we would like to assure any family interested in this option that we truly work hard to make sure the process is as easy as possible.

Titan Casket handpicked a number of highly regarded headstone products and manufacturers who only use high-quality materials and meet our standards for customer service and craftsmanship. See below for our fast-growing selection of premium headstones for sale online and get in touch to request a free and no pressure design consultation.

Purchasing a headstone or monument for a loved one can be a stressful experience. Some may be tempted to perform this task online because it may seem like a simple solution at the moment. However, there are several risks involved with purchasing a headstone online, and these mistakes can be costly. Make sure you ask these important questions before buying granite headstones online.

By relying on purchasing headstones online, you may have problems examining the Granite natural stone product. While the online proprietor may be honest, the Granite swatches viewed on the computer may vary distinctly from what you really need out of the product.

Online shopping has become a lifestyle norm for most people. With the rise of eBay and Amazon Prime, many people prefer to purchase their items online. However, with a monument, as mentioned before, you want to proceed with caution.

Buying headstones online is not cheap, so you want to ensure that every dollar spent on the purchase is what you agreed to spend in your budget. With online stores, there is always the risk of paying over budget without knowing. Some of the ways that companies can nickel and dime you include:

There is just something about needing customer service when you are making a significant purchase. When browsing headstones online, there are bound to be many questions because you surely want to get the process right the first time. You want to purchase your product from a source that is always available to help out. Some sites may send you around in circles to make a phone call to speak to the product provider. 041b061a72


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