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Download Uplifting Acoustic Preview __HOT__

Overall, Acoustic Ukulele Upbeat 2 by Smokey Loops is a must-have sample pack for music producers looking to add a cheerful, upbeat sound to their productions. Whether you're working on pop, folk, indie, or any other genre that could benefit from an uplifting touch, this pack is an excellent resource to add to your music production library.

Download Uplifting Acoustic preview

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument with ancient roots that adapts to a wide variety of musical style. The modern guitar comes from an old Persian word sitar, where tar means strings. There are many types of guitar. However, an acoustic guitar is still widely used everywhere.

An acoustic guitar does not have an external device to be heard. Instead, it uses a soundboard, a wooden piece mounted on the front of the guitar's body. Many acoustic guitars available today feature pickups which enables the player to amplify the guitar sound.

The sound production in an acoustic guitar is accomplished by using a soundboard, resonant cavity, and the sound box. There are several subcategories under acoustic guitar like, classical and flamenco guitars, steel-string guitars, folk guitar, twelve-string guitar and arched-top guitar.

Since acoustic guitar does not have any amplification methods, piezo and magnetic pickups are mounted under the bridge saddle of the acoustic guitar, which can be plugged into a mixer or amplifier. The acoustic guitar can be played by any guitar player and can be used in any form of music.

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Inspiring and exciting music that has an uplifting mood. This dynamic corporate indie pop track is ambient and atmospheric in the verse then builds to an energetic catchy motivational chorus. This positive music bed would be great for TV, web, radio advertising, vlogs, sports, lifestyle, achievement, corporate and business, travel and adventure, podcasts, promos.

Inspiring and exciting background synthpop music that is powerful, dramatic and has a confident uplifting mood. This dynamic indie synth pop track is chill and atmospheric in the verse and then builds to an epic, triumphant synth hook. This positive and motivational music works great in TV, web and radio advertising, vlogs, social media, sport, lifestyle, podcasts.

Exciting indie synthpop rock that is upbeat and motivational. This positive and uplifting pop background music is great for TV, web and radio advertisement, action sports, lifestyle, fashion, sport & fitness, travel, summer holiday / vacation videos, presentations, epic event videos, festival & party promo, video games, podcast, social media. 041b061a72


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