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Stormwall is an exceedingly difficult dungeon, mainly because of the boss waiting at the top of the tower, Prometheus. Players spawn at the doorway where the teleported from in The Third Sea, which leads to a stairway. At the end of the stairway, a doorway connects to the top of the tower, which serves as an areana for players to fight Prometheus.

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Once entering the arena, the player sees a cutscene where for the first time we see Durza. Durza then says how he has defeated Theos, and how the player was too late he then incites Prometheus to attack the player, which starts the battle. As the health of Prometheus, decreases past 50% of his max health, Durza returns the Olympian Flame. When the health of Prometheus is depleted, another cutscene plays. Durza heals him, telling him to destroy the tower and the entire Third Sea. Before Prometheus can destroy it however, Theos gets back up and claims he has lost too much to Durza, and won't lose anyone else. His phoenix flames then turn red and he flies toward Prometheus, destroying the tower and killing Prometheus, in the process, the player is brought very close to death.

Six Paths of ReincarnationNames Japanese name 六道輪廻, Rokudourinne? Ability informationUsersMukuro RokudoDying Will FlameMist Flame (Fourth Path)Behind the scenes informationAnime DebutEpisode 20Manga DebutChapter 74The Six Paths of Reincarnation is based on the realms of rebirth in Buddhist cosmology; a cycle of death and rebirth, where a person is reincarnated into one of the six realms depending on their accumulated karma from their past life.

Mukuro acquired his skills by having followed the ways of the Six Paths which has been carved into his memories, possibly due to the experiments he underwent as a child. As he uses a certain skill, the kanji of the number referring to the path where the skill is obtained appears on his right red eye. Chrome Dokuro shares the same skills with Mukuro, as she shares the same body with him.

Asides from raw strength, his skill in the One Power may be unsurpassed, something that may be expected as the prophesied saviour of the world. There are many examples of this prowess; in the Stone of Tear, he effortlessly held Egwene al'Vere and Elayne Trakand captive in shields while weaving over a dozen other flows.[9] Later, this ability to split flows is even greater, notably at the Shadowspawn attacks at Algarin Pendaloan's manor and Maradon, where Naeff is unable to track the number of weaves created by Rand.

In the early chapters of The Eye of the World, Rand finds out that Tam al'Thor and Kari al'Thor are not his true parents and that he was born to an Aiel Far Dareis Mai on the slopes of Dragonmount where he was rescued by Tam. Throughout the series, Rand gradually finds out more about his true heritage.

He grew up together with Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara in Emond's Field where they got into trouble quite a bit, Mat generally being the force behind it. Early one, Egwene al'Vere seems to be his love interest and it was assumed they would marry when both came of age. He also knows Nynaeve al'Meara since he was young. During the events of the story, he meets his Two Rivers friends on various occasions.

A side-effect of this event was that Rand and Moridin became linked by body and soul. Rand begins to see another face in his mind's eye and Lews Therin refers to there now being three of them and that each one of them are "destroyers". The effect is mirrored in Moridin, who can feel whenever Rand is injured. This overlapping in consciousness increases with time with Moridin being able to speak to Rand. Eventually, this will lead to a consciousness swap where Rand inhabits Moridin's body, allowing him to live on after his battle with the Dark One and his old body, that contained Moridin's consciousness who wanted to die, is burned with the assumption that it is that of the Dragon Reborn.

At the moment of his birth, the Keeper of the Chronicles Gitara Moroso shouted out in a brief moment of Foretelling, prophesying the coming of Tarmon Gai'don. His mother, Shaiel, died in childbirth and the abandoned newborn was rescued by Tam al'Thor to eventually be raised in the Two Rivers. His father Janduin, distraught at the death of Shaiel and loss of his baby, gave up his position as clan chief of the Taardad Aiel and went to seek a glorious death in the Blight, where he would be killed by a man resembling Shaiel. This man was, in fact, Shaiel's brother Luc Mantear, otherwise known as Slayer.[19] 041b061a72


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