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I call it "The twin bug" when you play with 2 or more players (you don't have this problem when you play with 4 because you already got the max amount of players.) and change characters you create a new player this mean that one of the players get control of 2 ingame ppls this makes it impossible to change characters with (2 or 3) friends because you can't move to other areas... and when you don't change characters it's rly hard to see who is who (and it makes the game less fun), so maybe you can give each player a diff mark (like color/number.) or/try fix(ing) this bug.

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-Changing survivors causes damage. I get that starting with a new survivor they wouldn't be full health so you don't just rotate survivors to be invincible, but if you open the "survivors" page and select the survivor you are currently playing with or change to one and back to the other you lose that health.

i had my phone taken for life over my assiments so i am refusing to eat or drink abecause everyone i know has a phone and it a supposed good kid this artical is trash we need to know how to get it back after its been taken for life i cant even use it at school and no food or water is hard your insides start to hurt idk if my plan is going to work but over a few missing assiments that its not my fault that they did not get graded and parents are like you depend on your phone to much i refuse to go out of my dark room everyday so i dont get sunlight and i am the diffrent and oldest child in my family so im going to get in trouble more then my so much loved siblings get all of my busy dads attchen he gave me a nentendo switch just to takeit from me i only have one game while my brother has an exbox in his room and he does much less than me i do everything and yet im stuck grounded for life i never get to hang out with friends because they always on there phones at school we get free time on our phones i dont i have add and adhd and an EUP so when i get in truble it suddly goes hard for the disabled this artical says draw your phone my phone helps with my depression

[Bob]We used to play for silver now we play for life (note 2)And one's for sport, and one's for blood at the point of a knifeAnd now the die has shaken, now the die must fallThere ain't a winner in the gameHe don't go home with all, not with all

You thought you were being wise running around with other guysAnd leaving me to spend my time aloneBut you'll find out today it don't work out that wayYou started a little game that two can play


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