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with the extension of crack, the piezoelectric effect on cracking control of cementitious material is developed on a crack in the cement matrix of the rock. the cracking is enhanced when it is formed in a crack free material. in this paper, since the crack free bulk material is made by using a high-frequency ultrasonic of the cementitious composite, with a crack formed in it. this indicates that the piezoelectric effect is playing a key role in the enhancement of crack resistance. in the present paper, we extend this effect to crack in a material that is with cracks from the basic definitions of the piezoelectric theory. it is noted that crack control in cementitious composite is the main challenge for engineering applications.

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based on the comparison of the predicted and experimental results, it was determined that the experimental results conformed to the predictions to a reasonable degree. as displayed in figs. 5 and 6, the experimental results of the predicted and experimentally observed values conformed to the specific stress ratios when compared to the theoretical and numerical calculations. therefore, it is evident that the proposed model clearly offers an optimum and reliable estimations and assessments of the remaining fatigue life, as shown in figs. 5 and 6.

in the context of the research, the s-n curve-based fatigue life model for natural fibre polymer composite incorporating the cracking growth was used and the strength properties were characterized based on the size of the fatigue crack on the surface of the composite specimens. from the comparison between the predicted and experimental life evaluations, it is evident that the results generally exhibited a higher accuracy than the experimental results. by extension, it may be concluded that the proposed model can be a better indicator to reveal and predict fatigue life in a more reliable manner.


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