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For Ray Smith in response to your comments in your last submission:Paragraph 1: Yes your correct from your perspective and the perspective of many others including yours/their national laws, but does everybody/every government and every culture share your legal and moral code of behaviour? I think not this is an education process to get all thinking the same way (and what a boring place it would become) around the world. Intellectual property rights are not enacted into law everywhere. That brings into question the legality/illegality of the behaviour in that country.Paragraph 2: I hope your flippant disregard for different points of view from around different cultures / legal systems outside your own is not common as I fear this limits your ability to think outside the box on this issue and as a consequence limits the practical resolution of the issue.Paragraph 3: Read my previous 2 comments thoroughly please.Paragraph 4: Your absolutely correct in that statement, it opens up a wide variety of options legal and illegal depending on where you live and your moral code. All Psychology/Psychiatrists know to correct behaviour you need to change the attitude.Paragraph 5: genuinely not sure what your trying to express here, but as far as pricing options are concerned you shop around, but I fear, where you live my choice may be viewed as illegal.In conclusion, you are entirely correct, that torrenting of copyright material without the appropriate licencing in countries that have outlawed the practice is wrong and anything outside that is a matter of debate within the bounds of that countries borders, looking from a legislative point of view. Moral Justice is too subjective considering the wide range of cultures around the world we need to look to a more objective way to resolve the matter, to level the field so to speak.

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