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Love Live! 2 Episode 4

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Love Live! 2 Episode 4

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This moment carries some pros and cons. On the one hand, it's great that Sunshine!! pays its due respect to Love Live! (and does maybe too much fan pandering along the way), but on the other hand, scenes like this make the show much more inaccessible to new viewers who haven't seen the original Love Live! or only played the mobile game. Considering how hard Sunshine!! is trying to come into its own as a new project, any heavy reliance on the original Love Live! feels a little unfair. Some references here and there are great, but having a character's entire turning point be inspired by another character's turning point feels a little weak (even if Rin's episode was one of the best in the series) and uninspired.

It's a delicate balance between using a μ's homage as a source of inspiration versus just a narrative crutch, and we can't be entirely surprised that Sunshine!! is having a hard time letting go of its safety net. We see once again that sisters Ruby and Dia were both once big fans of μ's, although something happened with Dia that made her outwardly resent school idols. This in turn made her ban school idol magazines from their home, even though previous episodes make it pretty clear she was a serious school idol otaku at some point. Despite Dia's disapproval, after some uplifting words from Hanamaru, Ruby decides to chase after her own dreams and join Aqours anyway. Spoiler: Dia probably isn't too far behind.

Episode four is a little weaker than the ones preceding it. It's all over the place with scrambling to add more girls to Aqours, especially in trying to shoe-horn in screen time for Mari (and the shlocky breast-grabbing that the franchise should've gotten out of its system by now), Kanan, and Yoshiko. And the Rin-spiration for Hanamaru, while making me smile as a μ's fan, made me wary both of the shortcut the writers took with Hanamaru and how un-newcomer friendly scenes like that tend to be. It's hard to not appreciate Love Live! Sunshine!! for the cute candy that it is, but I can only hope that the next episode will be better.

Hey everyone, my name is Deven Luca. I'm an friend of SkyCorps since he started his blog and now we're working together.I'm a co-writer here at Anime Corps. I'm a huge lover of the Nasu-verse, Love Live,Love Live School Idol Festival and Date A Live. Expect a lot of posts about them!So that's enough from me. Make sure to let the reviews speak for themselves. Later!

The episode begins in Stratford when Will is visiting the family and learns that Susanna is a fan of Thomas Morley and loves the popular madrigals he writes. However, her father does not rate him highly! Whether all this is likely is open to speculation but it works within this storyline.

[internal] Humans live to consume, and their appetites are endless. They drop garbage on the ground wherever they go. Earth is like a house they've lit on fire but continue to live in. They use earth's resources to make ugly things like teal crocks and truck nuts.

Those indigenous to the land do have greater respect for it no matter where they come from. Long ago, they learned how to live symbiotically with nature and honor earth as it is essential to our life and wellbeing.

Asta's family, who are living in tandem between their native world and modern society prove it. Since Asta cut Harry's transmission, she robbed them of 50 years to come up with a plan that would keep everyone alive.

Harry: If my device would have delivered its message, we would have had 50 years to figure this out. Now we will have 50 days if we are lucky!Asta: No. Would have had 50 years for you to do nothing! I know that you don't care unless it's me, but guess what? It's me again!

Elliott seems like a fairly intuitive guy, so I hope this isn't the last we see of him. Even when surrounded by so much love and beautiful friendships, D'Arcy has struggled with love. Without feeling that special connection, she gets bogged down with negativity.

The blast strikes their port side again but is shielded by their Realizer. Worried that they may fall under the Arbatel's aggressive power, Shiizaki calls Kotori who asks what's wrong. Shiizaki tells her that the airship is under attack and that they may not last any longer. Kotori reassures her that she and the other crew members will be fine under Kannazuki's instructions. On Arubi Island, the Yamai twins are continuing their fight against each other. Below on the ground, Shido wonders aloud why the two are fighting despite their love for each other. Tohka then warns Shido that she senses something nearby. The two see a bunch of lights lit up from behind the forests and a familiar voice talking to them. It's Ellen. Ellen reveals that she has been waiting for Tohka to be alone, but she is surprised to learn that the twins are also Spirits, calling them by their codename "Berserk". Shido asks who she really is and thinks if she is also from the AST, which Ellen denies. She then gestures to the Bandersnatch units to capture Tohka, but she easily dispatches them with as soon as they lunge at her. Seeing Tohka in her Limited Astral Dress and manifesting her Angel, Ellen confirms Tohka as the Spirit and asks her to come along with them. Tohka raises at her, and Shido tells her not to point her Angel at an unarmed woman.

With their control room on fire and losing contact with Ellen, Arbatel is forced to retreat. As the enemy airship moves away, the crew notices something from where the Arbatel was struck. It's a Territory. The crew realized that Kannazuki created it through the airship's Realizer and detonated it after the two airships collided. Shido and Tohka reach the beach, and the two see that the twins have not ceased fighting. Shido pleads for them to stop, but his call falls on deaf ears. Shido uses Sandalphon to try and get their attention and begins waving it around. Shido asks Tohka what he should do. Tohko replies that Sandalphon responds to the wish of its user, and his desire to save her is what caused it to manifest earlier. Now, he has to make his wish of saving the twins come true. Shido is nervous, so Tohka also places her hand on Sandalphon and tells Shido to calm down and remember what he wants to do, telling him that everything else doesn't matter right now and to concentrate. She instructs Shido to focus on his wish and swing Sandalphon so the sword will answer him. Focusing, Shido lights up and, with Tohka's help, swings down the blade and creates a slash of energy that breaks through the storm that the twins made, clearing the center and finally grabbing their attention. Shido asks the two once again to stop fighting. Kaguya tells him that he isn't a part of their fight anymore, and Yuzuru asks him to stay out of it. Shido yells back that he hasn't quit being their judge, and he will choose which of them will become the true Yamai. Shido loudly announces that he chooses both twins to be the true Yamai. The twins react in a mixture of disgust and shock at his choice. However, Shido explains that he doesn't have a choice and that the twins care more about each other than they do about themselves. Shido then gives the pair three options: first, Yuzuru absorbs Kaguya and becomes the true Yamai, or second, Kaguya absorbs Yuzuru to become the true Yamai. Before either of the twins can answer, Shido gives out a third option: they give up their Spirit powers, so both get to live. Kaguya and Yuzuru are left doubting his choices for them, but Shido begs the two to believe him, to give him a chance to save both of them. Kaguya tells him to be quiet as a human like him can't possibly save both her and Yuzuru.

Shido reminds her that he was the one who had just split in half the storm she and Yuzuru had created and asked if a mere human could do such a thing. He adds that if his decision fails, they can just kill him. then disappears, and Shido nearly falls unconscious out of exhaustion. Luckily, Tohka is able to catch him safely in time. Kaguya and Yuzuru then discuss for a short while about the choices Shido gave them and muse over how he has certainly been trouble for them and for interrupting their duel twice now. The twins then talk to each other about what they would do if Shido were right. The twins discuss doing the same thing the other would do and ask each other what they should do if both survived. Kaguya replies that she wants to try a certain pastry that Tohka had been talking to her about, while Yuzuru says that she wants to attend school and tells Kaguya that she expects her to attend one with her too. After discussing what they would do in school if they both survived, Kaguya, while crying, admits to Yuzuru that she lied and doesn't want to die. She wants to live and be with her. Yuzuru, crying as well, responds with the same sentiment. Both call out and try to reach each other until a shadow looms over them from behind the storm. It's the Arbatel. Inside, the crew report to Paddington that their airship is falling from the previous attack of on them and worry that the people on the island may see them, but Paddington insists that they keep going. He then orders them to deploy every Bandersnatch they have. Desperate for any positive success, he is bent on capturing the twins and Tohka by himself. The twins see the airship. Kaguya nods to Yuzuru, and the latter agrees, with the two deciding to destroy the airship together. 041b061a72


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