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Each flag (with a few exceptions) has a short form, such asCO, as well as a longer form, such as cookie.While it is most common to usethe short form, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with thelong form, so that you remember what each flag is supposed to do.Some flags take one or more arguments. Flags are not case sensitive.


This page describes how to configure database flags for Cloud SQL, andlists the flags that you can set for your instance. You use database flagsfor many operations, including adjusting MySQL parameters, adjustingoptions, and configuring and tuning an instance.

This command will overwrite all database flagspreviously set. To keep those and add new ones, include the values for allflags you want set on the instance; any flag not specifically included isset to its default value. For flags that do not take a value, specify theflag name followed by an equals sign ("=").

  • Console In the Google Cloud console,create a new Google Cloud console project, or open an existing project by selecting theproject name.Important: You should be aware that some resource identifiers (such as project IDs) might be retained beyond the life of your project. For this reason, avoid storing sensitive information in resource identifiers. ...see naming guidelines

Select the instance to open its Instance Overview page. The database flags that have been set are listed under the Database flags section.

In the output, database flags are listed under the settings asthe collection databaseFlags. For more information about the representation of the flags in the output, see Instances Resource Representation.

All other database system flags that are not listed in thesupported flags section are called managed flags. Forcertain managed flags, Cloud SQL sets the flag to a value other than thedefault setting to ensure Cloud SQL instances run reliably. You can't changethe values on these system flags.

My office can arrange to have an American flag flown over the U.S. Capitol for Iowans to commemorate special events or occasions. Iowans can order flags online or by mail. Orders can be submitted up to six months in advance. Flags will arrive approximately six weeks after being flown.

This article presents an approach to "thinking genetically" in primary care. Busy practitioners often lack the time to consider thoroughly whether their patients have an underlying genetic diagnosis. To assist the primary care clinician, a working group of the Genetics in Primary Care Faculty Development Initiative developed a simple mnemonic, Family GENES, that alerts the clinician to consider genetic causes in the differential diagnosis. In addition to family history, the red flags include Groups of anomalies, Early or Extreme presentations of common diseases, Neurodevelopmental or Neurodegenerative conditions, Exceptional or unusual pathology, and Surprising laboratory values. This article discusses the components of the mnemonic, provides examples, and gives guidelines to appropriate actions once the possibility of a genetic diagnosis has been raised.

My office can arrange for an American flag to be flown over the U.S. Capitol for any North Carolina resident who wishes to purchase one. Flags can be flown in someone's honor or to commemorate special occasions. Requests for flags to be flown on a specific date should be made three weeks in advance.

Please be advised that flags should be lowered to half-staff immediately starting Friday, July 22, 2022, at the state Capitol building and at other state and local government buildings, for the tragic loss of two firefighter pilots, Thomas Hayes and Jared Bird, who lost their lives responding to the Moose Fire in Lemhi County.

Most outdoor flags can be washed in mild detergent and thoroughly rinsed. Indoor and parade flags should be dry-cleaned. Damaged flags can be repaired and used as long as the overall dimensions are not noticeably altered. American Legion Posts and local governments often have facilities to dispose of unserviceable flags. Store your flag in a clean, well ventilated area.

We recognize that flags in such conditions are no longer a fitting emblem, and can be disrespectful, which is why we aim to replace them semiannually. This year, due to the number of flags that have become worn, and requests to replace them from residents and visitors, the City made the decision to remove all flags while we work to replace them expeditiously. We look forward to returning brand-new flags to the Parkway soon and having them proudly represent the diverse communities of Philadelphia again.

It is important to note that the City is only replacing the existing flags of the countries that currently fly on the Parkway. Flags will be returned to their original flag poles, and signage will stay the same. Due to limited space on the Parkway, the City regrettably is unable to evaluate new, additional country flag requests at this time.

Entities that are required to adopt identity theft programs also must provide for the administration of the program, including staff training and oversight of service providers. The rules do not single out specific red flags as mandatory, require specific policies and procedures to identify possible red flags, or provide a specific method of detecting red flags. The rules do, however, include guidelines and examples of red flags to help firms administer their programs. An identity theft program should be appropriate to the size and complexity of the entity and the nature and scope of its activities.

State of Georgia and United States commemorative flags are available for purchase through GBA. Flags can be purchased as a remembrance for veterans, current members of the armed services, family and friends, or to honor someone for a special accomplishment, service or retirement. Each flag is flown at the State Capitol and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Commemorative flags are $35 each.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that our office can only accept flag orders up to 45 days prior to a requested date. Orders received prior to the six week deadline will be returned to the sender. Requests for flags with no specific fly date will be flown the next available date and do not apply to the above guidelines.

Our signature community building event! Since 2010, we and hundreds of volunteers have created a majestic garden of flags on Boston Common for Memorial Day weekend. Each of the 37,000+ flags we plant every year at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument represents every brave Massachusetts service member who gave his or her life defending our country since the Revolutionary War. The completed garden is a breathtaking tribute to the true meaning of Memorial Day and a powerful message of community support to the families of these fallen heroes that their sacrifices will never be forgotten.

In 2008, SDOT received funding from the Seattle City Council to launch a pilot program measuring the effectiveness of pedestrian crossing flags. Pedestrian crossing flags are hand-held flags used by pedestrians to be more visible to approaching traffic; they are not formal traffic control devices.

SDOT installed pedestrian crossing flags at 17 locations under the pilot program. The pilot program ran for three years. After evaluating the results at the 17 pilot locations, which included measuring motorist compliance at these crosswalks, SDOT ended the pilot program. Overall, having a flag available does seem to make pedestrians more visible to motorists, however there was not a consistent pattern of improved compliance observed, and some locations were not able to be evaluated due to frequent theft of the flags.

Because of the limited effectiveness of the flags and the ongoing maintenance associated with them, SDOT will no longer provide replacement pedestrian crossing flags at the pilot locations, and will not install any new locations. SDOT will allow community sponsors to maintain existing locations, which means the community sponsor will provide replacement flags and flag holders as needed. SDOT will also allow new locations to be installed under the guidelines below.


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