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[S7E2] Pressing The Flesh

And if the run-and-gun mission is more of the same, at least we get ample payoff with the reveal Echo is indeed alive and being used as a tool by the Separatists. Echo's revamped character design is haunting - all pasty white skin and emaciated flesh and a pair of metal legs that look a whole lot like those of a certain stubborn Sith Lord. Echo is a tangible reminder of how the clones have been chewed up and spit out by the galactic war machine, and it'll be interesting to see how Rex and the members of Bad Batch reconcile that in the second half of this arc.

[S7E2] Pressing the Flesh

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Here Sam has discovered a cure for Greyscale---and yes, it was an oddly quick discovery given how long it took others, like Stannis, to discover a cure. Setting that aside, the cure turns out to be rather gruesome. Mostly it consists of cutting the greyscale away from the flesh.

If I wasn't in the mood for cookies, I would buy the square-shaped pizza (which I now realize was probably Elio's pizza) and a bag of peanuts and strategically plunge the peanuts into the doughy flesh of the pizza as the grease from the cheese oozed up and entrapped my peanut into its place. I would then eat that pizza like it was the last pizza on earth, thinking I was a true culinary genius for my concotion. Or, if I was feeling really risque`, I would buy the doughiest bagel imaginable, a packet of cream cheese and a bag of Doritos, and, yes, I would make a bagel, cream cheese, and Dorito sandwich. 041b061a72


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