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Buy Steel Near Me

Capitol Steel provides a full line of metal items including steel angle, galvanized angle, flats, rounds, squares, threaded rod, rebar and mesh, beams both wide flange and standard, sheet and plate including Hardox wear plate, expanded metal in steel, aluminum and stainless, bar grating in steel, galvanized and aluminum, square and rectangular tubing, pipe in uncoated, black, and galvanized, weldable pipe handrail components, round tubing in erw and dom, and cold roll items.

buy steel near me

Steel framing is a key component for many construction applications. L&W Supply stocks cold-formed steel framing products ranging from 25 gauge to 12 gauge in various lengths and widths to meet any of your job requirements. These products are sourced from several well-known and respected manufacturers.

With our extensive steel inventory, we can deliver the steel you need when you need it. Most of our stock length or saw cut orders can be completed and delivered in a timely manner at competitive prices. Our product is steel, but our strength is people; come and meet our friendly, professional staff.

The iconic I-section beam was about to appear on the scene in its full glory. It has been around for a while, along with a manufacturing method developed in 1849 by an engineer named Alphonse Halbou. Before that regular steel beams had a Z-section profile.

Here at Structural Beam, your local one-stop steel beam solution provider in Chicago, Il area, we are well-versed in all the steel beam applications in residential and commercial buildings, give us a call today!

Yes, most of the modern houses are built with the help of steel beams. At Structural Beam, we specialize in structural steel construction. Give us a call today and get a free consultation and a free quote!

Each commercial steel door we sell is made using a hollow metal shell that's been reinforced and filled with insulation. Our manufacturers supply us with commercial steel entry doors that meet stringent guidelines from the Steel Door Institute. They've also passed testing by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

At CDF, we have both single and double industrial steel doors. And if you need to add louvers or you're looking for commercial metal doors with glass kits, you've come to the right place. There are other reasons to choose CDF for quality door products:

If you're looking for high-quality, heavy-duty commercial steel doors for your building project, CDF can help. We have all the doors you need for industrial, commercial and institutional applications. For your convenience, CDF ships from our warehouses around the country right to your work site. Find the right style and build your quote today!

You'll find industrial steel doors in just about every public building. Schools, stores, offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants and other facilities have commercial steel doors specially designed to handle heavy traffic areas.

It's widely acknowledged in the door industry that commercial steel entry doors are the best value. They generally outlast wood doors by more than 10 years and are very affordable. In addition, a commercial steel door is better insulated than wood or fiberglass. Commonly used on commercial building exteriors, our commercial fire-rated doors can handle ratings up to three hours, meaning they're suitable for fire-rated openings.

Below is a picture of our Cuisinart stainless steel wok today. Notice that after use, there is some oil residue, as well as charred spots. This residue can be tough to scrub off. You can also scratch the pan if using a heavy duty scouring pad.

We love to entertain, so cooking with a large wok is essential for dinner parties, and having the extra space to maneuver the food is pretty fantastic. That said, you can achieve the same nonstick patina with a smaller carbon steel wok.

Alaska Steel Company (Anchorage) has changed its address from 1200 W. Dowling Rd. to 6180 Electron Dr. Anchorage, AK 99518. We will remain in the same location just off of Arctic Blvd. to provide all of your steel, aluminum and rebar needs. Feel free to contact us at (907) 561-1188 with any questions or for directions.

Steels for decorative blacksmithing will be very different than those used for tool making, blades, jewelry, etc. so find out what type of steel you need before you start a project. I recommend referencing a great book by Jim Hrisoulas called The Complete Bladesmith. Chapter 2 includes an extensive review of steels for different applications and the overall book is invaluable if you are looking at making blades. You can get a copy of it at Amazon for $29.99 here.

Old worn out files are a favorite of mine. Barn sales, yard sales and even some antique stores can be a great source for these gems. Files are made of very hard metal and while they can often be ground down and useless as files when you find them in barns, the metal that they are made from goes deeper than the ridges that are used in filing, and this hard steel is great for blades and other hardened metal projects.

Hammers, old dull or broken knives, virtually any old or broken hand tool has great tool-steel that can be forged into tools, blades and even new hammers. Be careful again to avoid anything with chrome on it, or a blended metal, but most old hammers and knives are safe to use. Wrenches can be good too, but again, avoid blended metals or metals that have a chrome-like finish.

Once you find your steel, you may have to unharden them. In the case of hammers, this is critical as hitting a piece of hardened steel at any temperature may cause it to shatter. DO NOT DO THIS! There are a number of methods to temper the steel to remove its hardness, so I will get into that during another post or project. For the time being, if you are using a hardened steel, make sure that you heat it into the red-cherry range and then cool it in a dry sand bucket for a day or so to allow it to cool slowly and remove the hardness. This will make it safely forgeable.

Thanks for the reminder that the temperature limitations should also be considered when buying steel materials. My husband is currently looking for a steel supplier because he would like to stock up on raw materials for his workshop soon. Hopefully, he will be able to find ones that are easy enough to cut into the shapes and sizes that he needs for his projects.

Thanks for the reminder that I will need to unharden steel if I'd like to use it for blacksmithing. I'm interested in looking for steel suppliers soon because I'd like to start learning more about forging. Hopefully, this hobby turns out well for me and I might even start a career based on it someday.

As far as another source of steel, call the steel supply in the nearest large city. When I lived in FL. I would call Alro and they would put my order on a truck and delivered it to my shop NO charge. I had to wait for them to have a delivery in that area but they delivered nearly every day! I could order as little as I needed and it was brand new steel CHEAP!! So don't overlook the big supply companies, even if you have to go pick it up, it will be the cheapest way to buy... The most expensive way? Home Depot!!! I have seen a 2' piece of steel for MORE than I pay for a 20' bar of the same stuff!!!!

Used steel pipe is not always old, rusted, or corroded. While in sometimes this might be the case, it is not necessarily true for pipe that has been maintained properly or used short term in a particular use. In these cases, used steel pipe can be recovered and reconditioned for many uses in a variety of applications, especially for structural uses in construction. Common uses for used pipe include applications that do not require strict pressure specifications such as for piling, borings, road casings, pipe ramming, culverts, open cut casings, and more.

If you need used steel pipe for your next construction project, then P.I.T. Pipe can help you. We have a huge supply of quality reconditioned used steel pipe that can be used for any project. Our current selection is always changing, so contact us to inquire about our current inventory. We also buy new, surplus, and used steel pipe. If you are interested in buying or selling surplus or used steel pipe, contact us at P.I.T. Pipe today for your steel or metal pipe needs.

Used steel pipe that has been recovered and reconditioned can be used for a wide variety of applications. These commonly include structural applications for building, road, dock, and bridge construction projects. For example, used pipe is a great alternative to new corrugated pipe for culverts. New culvert pipe can be very expensive, as it must often have a large diameter while being durable enough to support road traffic. Using high quality used steel pipe in these applications can save you a considerable amount of money.

If needed, surplus and used steel pipe can also be reconditioned and retested to ensure durability and strength before using it in a project. When tested, this surplus or used pipe will come with test reports ensuring that the pipe meets your specifications. When tested, our surplus and used steel pipe can even be used for low pressure gas, oil, or water applications.

If you are looking for used steel pipe for any application, then P.I.T. Pipe can help you. Our used steel pipe is available in a wide range of sizes and lengths, and we can fabricate any custom steel pipe to meet your exact needs. We clean and recondition all pipe before sale and can apply special coatings as needed. Our used steel pipe is divided into number 1 and 2 classifications, based on the amount of rust, pitting, and wear a pipe shows. We can also test used pipe as needed to ensure it meets your specifications. With stocking locating across the country, we will deliver pipe directly to your job site in an efficient and timely manner. Contact us today to find out our current inventory and to learn more about the surplus and used steel pipe we sell. 041b061a72


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