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Recent Post Widget For Blogger With thumbnails

How to change the number of postsBy default, this widget is set to display a maximum of 8 recent posts. To change this number, edit line #4 in the code (refer to the code above for the line number) and replace the number 8 with the number of posts desired:

Recent post widget for blogger with thumbnails

Right now I post 8 articles per page. Would it be possible for your widget to allow me to skip the first 8 posts on my site, so that the first item your widget displays is actually the 9th post on my site?

In my case the widget is superb, except when viewed in internet iexplore version 7.0. Whe page loads in Iexplorer the widget is not visible in the right format. You get a thin area of about 1/8 inch with the very small scrollbar section which you can slide up and down to see the content.

Hi Kimeri, the widget uses Blogger feed widget/gadget functionality to fetch recent posts, and feeds usually takes a few minutes (or more) to propagate across the internet. So yeah, it does something like that.

this widget is installed perfectly..but this recent post widget is not showing thumbnail of my first post while rest 7 post are showing it..also thumbnail are exactly fitting, there is some background blogger icon image just blog is help me to fix this.ur support is highly regarded.

I had installed this widget, but it stopped working and did not included two posts entered today. Can anyone explain? does it take a day or so for the posts to load? I liked it better than the one I have now. :(

Sometimes the widgets takes time to load all the posts. The loading time depends how fast the internet connection and the size of the page being loaded (esp. if posts have many images). Sometime if the page (ex. homepage) is taking too long to load, the widget stops loading. Try reducing the number of posts (on your Blogger setting) being displayed to see if the page and the widget will load faster.

Sometimes the widgets takes time to load all the posts. The loading time depends how fast the internet connection and the size of the page being loaded. Sometime if the page (ex. homepage) is taking too long to load, the widget stops loading. Try reducing the number of posts (on your Blogger setting). Your blog currently displays 10 posts. Try reducing that to 5 or 6 and see if the page will load faster.

Thanks for the great widget! But I still have 2 questions:1. Can I make the link open in new window?2. Can I make the thumbnails display in an aspect ratio of the original image?Appreciate if you can enlighten me! Thanks!

WOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! This is really awesome. I just installed it on one of my blogs to test it and it really is good. Every newbie blogger should try this. I highly recommend this to others. Finally, a working recent posts widget for my blogger blog.

This code displays the five most recent posts with their title and excerpt. The WP_Query class has tons of parameters that allow you to customize it any way that you like. For more information please refer to the WordPress developer documentation.

We hope that this article helped you learn how to display recent posts in WordPress. You might also be interested in our article on how to create a separate page for blog posts in WordPress, and our comparison of the best drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins.

We do not recommend having more than 100 posts in a widget due to that being difficult for most users to read through for its space. If you are displaying that many posts we would recommend displaying it on a page or something similar.

Thank you for the useful post.I have a question. What if I want to display recent posts on front page categories wise. Like recent posts should appear on the front page under a particular category.Is it possible?

On my recent posts on the sidebar, when I click a specific post it brings me to the latest post and then displays everything. How do I get it so that when I click a specific post it only shows that post?

Blogging is an important, effective way to increase traffic and engagement on your WordPress website. Moreso, by adding recent posts to your homepage, you can encourage retention by showcasing your dynamic content front and center.

One of the easiest ways to display recent blog posts on your WordPress Homepage is with the Lastest Post Gutenberg block. The Lastest Post block can also be added to your inside pages as well. To add the block:

If your theme provides prime widget real estate, you may want to utilize a widget area for your recent blog posts. You can easily do this by using the built-in WordPress Recent Post widget. To add the widget:

However, unlike the Lastest Post block, the Recent Posts widget is limited and does not allow you to enable the display of blog featured images. Luckily, this can be done easily with the WordPress Popular Posts plugin, Smart Recent Posts plugin, or the Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails plugin. All three plugins are free and once installed, can be enabled using the instructions above. Of note, the WordPress Popular Post plugin can also be used to add blog posts to pages with a shortcode.

The thumbnails will be built from the featured image of a post or of the first image in the post content. If there is neither a featured image nor a content image then you can define a default thumbnail.

By default, WordPress displays the latest or recently published Posts on the home page. But what if you display recently updated posts instead of just recent posts? What if you want to show them on the sidebar widget with thumbnails?

Displaying recent posts on a site or blog can benefit many ways. For example, with the help of the recent posts widget, the visitors can easily navigate through newly published content after reading older posts.

The PostX Gutenberg Blocks plugin helps you to display posts on the sidebar and footer widgets with thumbnails. And, then you can use the advanced query builder to sort them based on multiple criteria, such as popular posts, related posts, sticky posts, featured posts, random posts, etc.

So, instead of spending hundreds of hours finding collaboration opportunities and sending thousands of emails to acquire backlinks, you can make the best use of displaying posts to rank higher on Google. What I meant by displaying posts is not only true for recent posts.

Suppose you add the recent posts widget on the sidebar or the footer. In that case, these posts will dynamically be added to all the pages with a sidebar and footer. And as a result, the latest posts will get interlinks from all those pages.

The PostX plugin not only helps you to display recent posts but also creates a complete home page. So, let me show you how to create a custom home page and showcase recent / latest posts along with all other posts.

Can you go back in your old blogger widget and see what the code was you used on your actual design? After switching my blog from blogger to wordpress I am still able to login to blogger and click on layout and open the old widgets I had there.

I hope this tutorial on the Recent Posts Widget for Blogger website helped you. I shared the various styles of Widget so you can add any of your choices. If it helped you then must share it with your blogger friends and colleagues. Also, let me know in the comments which widget you selected for your blog.

Sometimes, you may need to add a section in your page that displays your recent blog posts. This can be very useful for portfolio websites and it can be a nice addition to the home page. Normally, you can only add html inside your WordPress posts. However, with the help of shortcodes, you can add some programming logic and create custom content whereever you want. In this post, I will guide you through the process how to create a custom shortcode to display recent posts with thumbnails in WordPress. By the end, you will be able to display the latest posts as a seperate section on your homepage or whereever you want, just like I did:

In your WordPress dashboard, go to pages and choose a page to edit. Paste the shortcode somewhere inside your page content. Save the page and when you visit it again, you should be able to display the recent posts inside the page.

We have finally created a recent posts widget, that looks surprizingly good and it is fully responsive on mobile! Congratulate yourself for the good work and share this post in the social media, if you find it useful! Happy coding!

Do you want to create a gallery in your blog? Then install this widget, which will create a beautiful gallery in your blog sidebar from recently published posts with attractive CSS effects. With the help of this can get the visitors attention and your blog will get more pageviews.

I hope that all above widgets will be working on your blog. These all widgets tested and I also provided its all demo which means that all working properly. However, you are facing any problem about the above recent widgets for blogger then place your comment in below the comments box.

Then open the recent posts widget area and update the Recent Posts widget with a Title. Set the number of posts to show to a large number so that we will have enough posts to scroll through when our design is complete.

The custom 640px height is given to match the height of the scrollable recent posts widget area we will be adding to the sidebar of our specialty section. this will make sure the two will have the same height for a more aesthetically pleasing design.

Adding vertical scroll to content does come in handy whenever you are wanting to give users the option to view more content in a confined space. A scrollable recent posts widget area is a great example of how vertical scroll can work really well. Of course, you can replace the sidebar module used in this tutorial with a text module and add vertical scroll to any content you want. The same customization will apply to any module.


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