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The song "BABYDOLL (Speed)" by Ari Abdul seems to be about an unhealthy and destructive relationship. The singer is deeply in love with someone who treats them poorly, causing them pain and suffering. The chorus of the song, which repeats the phrase "Call me babydoll," could be interpreted as the singer pleading for attention and affection from their partner. They feel trapped and helpless in the relationship, as though they have no control over how they feel or what happens between them.The lyrics "Bite me, bruise me, leave me like you do" suggest that the singer's partner is physically abusive, while "Too cold, it's withdrawal, this house ain't a home" hints that their partner may also be emotionally distant or unavailable. The line "Blinded by your lies, but I play pretend" suggests that the singer is aware of their partner's deceit and yet chooses to ignore it, possibly out of fear or desperation.The lines "Oh, father, forgive me, for all my sins, when I meet your eyes, the Devil, he wins" suggest that the singer is struggling with guilt and shame over their actions and choices in the relationship. They feel powerless to resist their partner's influence, even though it's clearly harmful to them.In the bridge, the singer expresses their desire for intimacy and connection with their partner, even though they are aware that it's not healthy for them: "Wrapped around your finger, wish your tongue would linger, I need your warmth, just to stay high." The final lines of the song, "Nothing to hold, my hands are tied," emphasize the singer's feeling of being trapped and unable to escape the cycle of pain and abuse they are experiencing.Overall, "BABYDOLL (Speed)" is a haunting depiction of a toxic and dysfunctional relationship, where the singer is caught in a painful and destructive cycle of love and abuse.

Ari Abdul - BABYDOLL



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