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Buy Omega Watches

Since their first go at the Olympics in 1932, Omega watches have gone on to be the official timekeeper of at least 21 Olympic Games, and even received the Olympic Cross of Merit for the contribution made to sport. Omega was the first watch worn to the moon, on the wrist of astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and the company developed the first ever self-winding central tourbillon watch in 1994. Today, Omega watches are made available in the sporty Omega Speedmaster and Omega Seamaster collections, as well as the more dressed up De Ville and Constellation families.

buy omega watches

While Omega watches offer precision timekeeping, they are also one of the most well-known watch manufactures around the globe, thanks to their use in movies, sports and more. Omega owners have something in common with George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, and Eddie Redmayne, who are all ambassadors for the Omega brand. Today, wearing an Omega timepiece instantly sets you apart from the crowd, letting others know that not only do you have exquisite taste, but also appreciate the superior craftsmanship of one of the best mechanical watches available today

Omega now regards anti-magnetism as an essential function of every luxury watch and has planned to gradually equip all watches with magnetic-field resistant movements. Of course, the watches should still be taken off whilst, for example, working in a magnetic field laboratory, but for the less extreme demands of everyday wear, their anti-magnetic properties offer perfect protection.

Omega keeps an expansive archive and knows how to utilize it. Due to its history, the company offers the right choice for innovation enthusiasts as well as collectors of vintage watches. The brand has always been on top in the watch industry and it continuously lives up to its claim of perfection.

Introduced in the OMEGA Globemaster, the new Master Chronometer certification is granted to watches that pass a series of eight tests approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology (METAS) and whose movements have already been qualified as COSC-certified chronometers. Master Chronometer marks another turning point for OMEGA, whose legacy has been built on its commitment to quality, design, precision and quality.

OMEGA has been a world leader in advanced watch design since 1848. Over the years, the brand has been widely celebrated for their durability and precision. OMEGA has served as the official timekeepers of the Olympic Games for nearly a century, and created the official watch of the space program and first watch to land on the moon. Buying an OMEGA watch is an excellent way to invest in a piece of history. Discover exceptional used OMEGA watches for sale in our collection at Crown & Caliber.

The Omega Seamaster is arguably one of the greatest omega watch collections ever, in a close battle with only the Omega Speedmaster collection. For one, it is the longest-running collection produced by Omega.

The Seamaster line first became popular when it launched the Omega Seamaster 300. It borrowed from designs used in the watches supplied to the British Royal Navy during WWII.The key feature of the watch is the O-ring gasket it uses as its waterproof seal, which later helped Gordon McLean set a diving record (205ft) in 1955. The vintage Omega Seamaster was also used by Jacques Costeau and his team for the Janus Operation in 1970.Another major breakout for the Seamaster 300 was when Peter Brosnan used in it the 1995 James Bond movies, GoldenEye.

If you are interested in new and pre-owned Omega watches or luxury watch brands on sale, you are just a step closer if you are in Naples, Florida. Visit our certified store, Exquisite Timepieces, located at 4380 Gulfshore Blvd., N. Suite 800., or contact us for more details.

Little Switzerland is proud to be an authorized Omega retailer. We offer authentic products from this brand, and you can browse our assortment of Omega watches online. When you need the best prices on luxury watches, including discounted options, look to Little Switzerland.

Whatever your individual taste, you can find a watch to fit. Some watches have simple displays, while others have multiple windows for dates, recorders and seconds. You can wear an Omega watch to work, and then out for dinner afterward. Its versatility ensures you always look chic, no matter the circumstances.

As the preeminent retailer of luxury items in the Caribbean, Little Switzerland carries the top-flight watches you want. Choose from our extensive collection of Omega watches, and enjoy the many benefits of shopping with us. For more than 60 years, we have served customers at our nearly three dozen stores across 10 islands. We provide competitive pricing and excellent customer service, in addition to the premium brands you desire.

The story of Omega watches starts in La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland in 1848. Founder Louis Brandt established the company at just 23 years old. It was originally known as Louis Brandt & Fil.

Omega uses a combination of high-tech machinery and human skill and ingenuity to create its luxury watches. The sensitivity of the human touch is capitalized on at nearly every stage of the assembly process, but each box of watch parts is moved around the factory by a robot. Parts are stored in a room where oxygen is reduced to 15% to minimize the risk of fires.

Omega watches continue to be made in Switzerland where the company was founded in 1848 in La Chaux de Fonds. The company has a solar-powered factory that was built in 2016 and designed by innovative Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban. The building is heated and cooled using the regenerative energy of groundwater and is made from locally sourced timber.

Since 1848, luxury Swiss watch brand OMEGA has proven a leader in the watchmaking business. OMEGA watches have made a tremendous impact on various industries, including national military operations, space exploration, and even the Olympic games.

Diving creates tremendous pressure on divers, so diving watches need to be able to withstand crushing depths. OMEGA tests their watches at 300 meters, or about 1000 feet, under the water, then adds an additional 25% pressure to ensure maximum safety.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M collection balances the rugged, durable nature of a sports watch with the sleek design of a dress watch. These watches are not specifically for diving but can easily handle water activities, as they are water-resistant up to 150 meters.

The Aqua Terra watches come in various materials, including gold and stainless steel. Straps and bracelets come in a selection of metal, NATO fabric (a single strap that centers the watch face), leather, or rubber.

Modern OMEGA Seamaster watches are generally more durable, given the development of new technologies. The Diver 300M, for example, features skeleton hands, luminescent face markers, and rotating bezels.

Modern OMEGA Seamaster watches start at under five grand. However, the vintage models are more likely to cost upward of six grand. Limited editions, like Olympic Games and City Editions, will cost even more.

For over 30 years, our family-owned luxury watch store has provided customers with quality products and exceptional service. Our third-generation business is proud to bring you an extensive selection of watches from top Swiss Watch brands. Our team of experts is here to help you find the perfect timepiece that fits your style and budget.

Omega has been the official timepiece of James Bond since the 1995 release of GoldenEye. Since then, not only has 007 worn an Omega watch in all the films but Omega has also released special edition James Bond Seamaster watches with every movie release.

Precision Watches is an official Omega authorized dealer, located in Willow Grove, PA. We carry a complete collection of the latest Omega watches in our boutique including Speedmaster, Seamaster, De Ville, and Constellation models. We are also an authorized Omega watch service center.

Omega Watches was founded by Louis Brandt, who set up an assembly workshop in La Chaux-de-fonds in the year 1848. Omega is one of the most popular brands of Swiss watches and has always been defined by its pioneering spirit. Omega has actively participated in some of the most adventurous events in history including the olympic games being the official timekeeper of the Olympics, and their dive watches always found their place with marine activity and sailing expeditions, and ultimately Space Exploration.

The "Seamaster Pro" is a collection of dive watches that is proud to have been worn and advocated by every 007 character since Pierce Brosnan was first featured in the 007 movie titled Golden-Eye and with the latest Bond character played by actor Daniel Craig such as the Spectre Limited Edition and the new Omega James Bond watch know as the Commander's watch, also a limited edition. The Seamaster Pro was specifically designed with diving in mind, and allows its owner to dive up to 300m. The more specialized "Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean" watch series allows its owner to dive up to 600m. Another best-selling model is the "Constellation" which is endorsed by Cindy Crawford. The Speedmaster has also long been associated with professional racer Michael Schumacher one of the more sought after models in this series is the Omega Speedmaster Professional. On the less-sporty side of the brand, some of the more classic looking watches are found in the various De Ville series for ladies and gents.

Of all their various Swiss-made watches, a mens watch known as the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional was the most historic watch being the one and only watch to make it to the moon and back in 1969 when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong first walked the surface of the moon. Although this watch is a timeless classic, there are plenty of new Omega Moonwatches and latest additions that have been engineered to perfection since the advent of the Speedmaster Moonwatch however the Moonwatch Professional was a manual wind watch. Some of the innovations added to the new Monnwatches are the Co-Axial escapement and the Master Chronometer designation on some models which attest to it's superior accuracy and magnetic field resistance. These are available in both stainless steel, ceramic, and precious metal cases such as 18kt rose gold and 18kt yellow gold . 041b061a72


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