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[S1E9] Free __TOP__dom

Freedom Forever Men is all about taking realistic, applicable approaches to breaking the chains of addiction! As you watch these teachings you will grow in your knowledge of how to find genuine and lasting freedom while growing in your walk with the Lord.

[S1E9] Freedom

Freedom Forever Men is all about taking realistic, applicable approaches to breaking the chains of addiction! As you watch these teachings you will grow in your knowledge of how to find genuine and lasting freedom while growing in your walk with the Lord.

Rian and Deet acquire one half of the Dual Glaive from Maudra Argot, who hid it within her walking stick. They learn that Ordon had hidden the other half at Stone-in-the-Wood's crucible. At the Castle, Aughra offers her essence to revive skekMal in exchange for the captive Gelflings' freedom. Though skekSo accepts, he orders skekVar to kill the prisoners before they escape. Now permanently joined with the Ascendancy, Tavra reveals the Arathim-Gelfling alliance and injures skekVar before being fatally wounded by skekSil. He wins skekVar's loyalty by giving him a vial of essence to heal himself with. When it appears that Aughra's essence was not enough to prevent skekMal's death, skekSil proposes to the other Skeksis that they should create an obedient army from Arathim corpses. Rian reunites the Dual Glaive and issues a call to arms, calling all Geflings to meet at Stone-in-the-Wood. Hearing through the Crystal and threatening retaliation, skekSo orders an attack at dawn to stop the Rebellion before it can begin.Tropes featured in this episode include:

Hear about Bisi's journey from corporate finance in the beauty industry to being a fearless living coach. Find out how she began to live the life her soul intended - and began to live with courage, freedom, power and amazing results - after years of feeling stuck. Bisi is convinced that everything you need is already inside you -- see how her love for empowering others became the clear path she chose to walk on, and how she had the epiphany that led to her becoming 'a beacon of light and hope'.

Ray has other problems, though. The use of Sully to carry out the hit on his father has already been full of problems. Sully's lateness caused Mickey to be able to wipe out Van, and the stopover in Tucson and the murder of Sully's girlfriend Catherine has also brought Sully's movements and whereabouts out into the open. It also has proved to Ray that nothing is sacred to Sully except his own freedom, and Ray's final look at him in this episode betrayed his uncertainty and realization that he is not in control of the situation. His conversation with Conor also showed a moment where Ray seems to really start reconsidering his Cold War with Mickey, which can only mean that Ray (or someone) might have to kill Sully to stop the hit.

Xena, a fierce female warlord is determined to take control of the region of Arcadia. She realizes the only way to do this is to kill Hercules, because no army would dare stand up to her if she had the head of the legendary hero. She seduces Iolaus and gets him to join her under the guise of a freedom fighter. She then convinces Iolaus that Hercules does not think Iolaus can handle this by himself and convinces him to fight Hercules to the death.

Iroh gives further detail about the four nations to Zuko and says that the Fire Nation symbolizes power and desire; the Earth Kingdom symbolizes endurance and diversity; the Air Nomads symbolize freedom from worldly concerns and adds that they also had pretty good senses of humor; and the Water Tribes symbolize love and community, especially in the face of change. He explains that people can gain wisdom by understanding each other. If wisdom is drawn from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale. Zuko interjects that this is beginning to allude toward the Avatar. Iroh goes on to claim that it is the combination of the four elements in one person that makes the Avatar so powerful, and that it can do the same for him. To punctuate his point, Iroh reveals that he created his special technique by studying the waterbenders.

Cassian can't believe how much he's suffering after the Aldhani heist, especially after getting the Rebels a ton of funds for their own endeavors. He's now plotting to escape, realizing how evil the Empire is and how much he took his freedom for granted in the face of all this oppression. Unfortunately, as Cassian tries to stir insurrection among his fellow prisoners, a death occurs that rocks him, although there's one major positive to come with a new comrade rising up.

Once word got out, the guards killed everyone via the Tunqstoid steel floors. It's all to keep the secret going that these folks never leave -- freedom is all an illusion, with prisoners just being transferred to other levels, giving the Imperials a free labor force. This angers Kino, who then tells Cassian as they leave that each level has 12 guards. The episode ends with Kino quite angry, knowing he fell for a lie, and that he's been acting as an unofficial slaver by having his guys working towards nothing. Given Kino knows so much about the guards and the facility's layout, and has connections across all levels, he could well be the trump card Cassian needs to start his revolution to get them all out. 041b061a72


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