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Heroine 720p Torrent

Baixar Desenho Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Legendado Torrent Título Original: Saenai hiroin no sodatekata Legendado Lançamento: 2015 Gêneros: Animação, Anime, Comédia, Romance Idioma: Japonês Clássificação: 14 Anos Legendas: Português Duração: 24 Minutos Nacionalidade: Japão Qualidade: 1080p, 720p, BluRay, Full HD, HD Formato: MKV Qualidade de Áudio: 10 Qualidade de Vídeo: 10 Servidor: Torrent Tamanho: 1.95 GB / 3.81 GB Imdb: 6.8 de 10Crítica Nacional: 3.8 de 5

Heroine 720p Torrent

Please seed for at least a couple days if you're able to. This helps to increase the number of torrents that can be uploaded. The majority of bandwidth on torrents is consumed within the first 48 hours. Seeding during this time period is crucial.What is 'Hit and Run'? This happens when a user quickly stops or removes a completed torrent. This process reduces the number of torrents an uploader can post. It also passes slower speeds onto the next downloader. Everyone's help is required to reduce this ratio bellow 80%!


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