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Where To Buy Us Women's Soccer Jersey

Nike said in its earnings report that the women's 2019 stadium home jersey is now the No. 1-selling soccer jersey, men's or women's, ever sold on in one season. Fanatics said this is the top-selling U.S. Soccer national team, men's or women's, of all time, with sales more than 500% greater this year vs. the same period (through the semifinals) in 2015.

where to buy us women's soccer jersey

The success of the United States women's national team has helped drive business for Nike even past the jersey, which retails for $90. Parker said the energy around the World Cup, with nearly two-thirds of the teams wearing Nike kits and half the players wearing Nike boots, has pushed the company to the No. 1 position in market share for bras this quarter in North America for the first time in the company's history.

That statistic is impressive given the exposure Nike gained in 1999, when Brandi Chastain scored the winning goal against China in a shootout and tore off her jersey, revealing her sports bra -- and leading to one of the most iconic photos in women's soccer history.

\"The U.S. women's soccer team does not need to be the best in the world in order to earn equal pay. The point of non-discrimination law is that employees doing similar work should be paid equally,\" Suzanne B. Goldberg, director of the Center for Gender & Sexuality Law at the Columbia Law School, told ABC News.

This, too, may be a moot point, according to recent reports. The Wall Street Journal reported women's soccer games have been out-earning men's games and, more broadly, sales of USWNT soccer jerseys are higher, and viewership on this World Cup has been high.

A generation after Title IX, the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, marked several wins for American women athletes. The 555-member U.S. team included 292 women athletes, the largest number of women to represent a nation in the history of the games at the time. Hamm and the U.S. team won a gold medal for women's soccer. The women's gymnastics, softball, and basketball teams also won gold. The 1996 Summer Olympics proved the power of American women athletes and the impact of giving students equal opportunities in athletics.

Since retiring from soccer in 2004, Hamm continues to promote opportunities for women in sports. Hamm's career inspired thousands of young girls to take up competitive sports and popularized women's soccer in the U.S. 041b061a72


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